"rollTogether is my chance to give rollerblading all this back I received in the past. This is not the common "blah blah" about rollerblading. At the age of 15 I bought some K2 Extreme Flight and met some strange people from our small hometown (one of those was Olli). After some month, several friends quit rollerblading or changed their "passion" for something else. I did not - probably because of the fact I already had friends all over  germany. Travelling through Europe seemed to me "normal" and I always felt a little "lost", when I did not get in touch with rollerblading for more than two weeks.
Now that I spend the half of my life with our sport and personally progressed to a "full featured citizen", I am proud to help develop rollerblading hand in hand with my friends. Isn't it a blessing to spend work and passion into something you loved for more than the half of your life? - Be sure, it is!"


- Rollerblader since 1995

- profession: System/Application developer and freelance media designer

- Photographer for rollTogether

- Programmer of www.rolltogether.de

- Responsible for the visual communication

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