"Grindhouse can be proud to call themselves the number One Skateshop in Europe."

Grindhouse was founded by „Thorsten Rüffer“ back in 1995. Thorsten actually started storing Rollerblading goods in his parent’s basement. The first sales were processed in the local area. In 1996 Grindhouse started his shipping business which enlarged their shipping destinations little by little. Today Grindhouse can be classified as the oldest European Aggressive Skate Shop including his own and one of the oldest European Aggressive clothing brands, officially registered as „Grindhouse“.

Grindhouse can be proud to call themselves the number One Skateshop in Europe. Each year Grindhouse supports 50 different events and organizes its own tours and competitions all over Europe. Above that, Grindhouse has always been a main supporter of all important Rollerblading-related print- and online magazines in the european market.

 Grindhouse’s very own catalogue is issued four times a year with a high circulation reaching Rollerbladers all over Europe. Besides all that, Grindhouse can count on 20 Teamriders (all from different countries in Europe) proudly representing the Grindhouse brand and lifestyle.

The GH-Team covers internationally well-known talents like Daniel Prell, Adrien Anne, Julien Cudot, Jacob Juul und Matthias Ogger. More on www.grindhouse.eu and on www.grindhouse-team.eu.


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