"The guys from Gibbon have brought jumping and surfing on slacklines into the city"

ID Sports created Gibbon in July 2007 with one goal: Slacklining for everyone.

Slacklining has been in existence for the last 30 years. Originally, the sport was practiced by mountaineers for reaching personal frontiers. With Gibbon we added fun and are reaching various new lifestyle cultures. Therefore the Gibbon can be offered to many new markets. Parents, teenagers, kids, athletes, adrenalin hunters and even physiotherapists… they all love it!


Philosophy ID Sports GmbH
We are a team of highly motivated enthusiasts who truly believe in our products and brands.
But we do not only want to believe in our products and brands, we want to live them! They have become a vital part of our lifestyle and with this virus of enthusiasm we want to infect other people.
We strongly believe in the power of our communities. They provide our brands and products and are the backbone to expansion in international markets.

Philosophy Gibbon Slacklines
With Gibbon Slacklines we want to provide fun, a healthy exercise and a challenge for both beginners and adrenalin hunters. We are committed to making this wonderful sport accessible to people of all ages and physical backgrounds and are constantly working on introducing this sport to more and more people worldwide.
Gibbon – for more fun, more health and more friends!

Slacklinine – more than just a trend
Slacklining has its origin in mountaineering sport. Already in the 1970‘s climbers at Yosemite National Park had used ropes to balance on and exercise their skills, even at times where it was not possible to climb due to bad weather. When Adam Glogowsky and Jeff Ellington used their climbing gear to do this a new sport was born: Slacklining. Over the years this activity spread amongst the climbers nationwide. Heinz Zak, photographer and extreme climber from Austria finally brought Slacklining into Europe.

Fun and creativity are the essence!
Does one have to be a passionate climber to be able to enjoy this activity? No!  Primarily Slacklining means fun! For the last few years Slacklining has entered the urban areas. Whether in the gym, in the garden, in the city, in parks or at rivers or lakes – due to the easy to use ratchet system provided by Gibbon, the Slackline can be mounted virtually anywhere and any surrounding area can be transformed into a challanging adventure park. All that is required are two fixed points eg. trees, columns, pillars, etc and the fun can begin.

Slacklining combines fun together with sport. Starting with simply walking forwards or backwards, turning and experimenting with balance exercises up to jumps and trick combinations on one or several Slacklines  - the sky´s the limit when it comes the creative posibilities of this great activity.

The Agressive Inline scene has also discovered the slackline for itself. Jojo Jacobi from www.rise-magazine.de

The guys from Gibbon have brought jumping and surfing on slacklines into the city and this could have a positive effect on skating. Imagine a mobile rail and the possibilities which result, making uninteresting spots for skaters suddenly accessible! In Germany rookie skater Sacha Lopez and pro-inliner Daniel Prell were amongst the first to discover the potential of the Gibbon Line inspired by Inliners from the UK pioneering on the possibilities of a mobile rail with a bounce.

Even in wintersports athletes have become infected. First experiments in Maribor, Slovenia and Mayrhofen, Austria have been succesfully undertaken by snowboarders and skiers. – we are looking forward to this development!

The advantages to ones health are not to be ignored.

The great thing about Slacklining: it combines fun with a great excersise for mind, body and soul. All over Europe sports associations and physiotherapists are relying on the training benefits for their athletes and patients, which results as a side effect. This is due to the fact that it trains balance and coordination, the core strength is enhanced as well excercising mental capabilities. A perfect training for the prio receptors, which is fuelled by ambitious fun.

Whether a fun sport or additional training exercise for other sports activities, whether being 7 or 70 years old – slacklining defines itself as a trendsport which is very enjoyable and has a great potential to grow even further in the next few years.