Text: Konni Harmanus - Video: Kai Schmitz - Photos: Lars Echterhoff

"The reunion of the generations"

One day I was contacted by German streetskater legend Patrick Smith via Facebook. In former times I already had a lot of fun with him at the German Championships. He told me about the 19th rollTogether taking place in Duisburg. I decided to be part of the session to celebrate my wife’s birthday (she rollerblades too) right there and to see old friends and newcomers. The day started rainy and the weather forecast was not really good. Amazingly in the end it was we've had the best weather. As me and some of the Frankfurt Blading Crew arrived in the Rheinpark I noticed a tasty square handrail close to the skatepark. I forgot about it a few seconds later since I paid - at least at that time - more attention to the new and old faces showing up at the skatepark. Names like Jo Zenk, Daniel Gourkski, Eugen Enin, Cornelius Grunt and many other riders promised good action. It was unbeatable to hug friends from the older German generation like Roland Wander, Patrick Smith, Marco Herbst, Kimi, Matthäus Parobeck, Maik Lojewski, Patrick Ridder and Andre Lepszy. When Olli Nermerich from BE-Mag came with a nice Soundbox the session really started. The German scene doesn't have to hide away. We've got big talents! USD’s Eugen Enin demonstrated amongst others. If street or park, both are his elements. Was it a 900 transfer at the quarter, or an inspin or outspin topsoul down the ledge. It made fun to look at him. Chimera rider Patrick Ridder made a very stylish 180 over the fun box, but near the end he turned to an unexpected latespin 360! Immediately I saw a big guy. Maybe I knew his face before but I definetely talked to him on the phone many years ago. It was Cornelius Grunt, a customer from a skateshop I worked for in the past. However he skated like a young rookie and made every spot to his own! He made one switch up after another down the skatepark rail like it was nothing.

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Finally they played at the square handrail that got my attention when I arrived.

I was afraid of the rail nobody really wanted to skate the whole day. "Rookie of the day" Cornelius made a nice AO Pornstar, Smith topsouled it and I was very glad to lace AO Topsoyal before the old man session started at the bowl. "Rampenkasper (Rampclown) Rollo", Lepszy, Maik Lojewski, Parobeck, and many more made a lot of fun oldschool tricks.

It was a really good day. People were cool, nice location along the river and hard tricks.

Congratulations to the Rookie-winner Cornelius Grunt!

Best regards,

Konni Harmanus


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Intro: Oliver Nermerich - Text: Lukas Tönnesmann - Video: Kai Schmitz - Photos: Lars Echterhoff

We’ve started the rollTogether project in 2008 and we are now holding at our 18th session. If you think we will stop the project or slow down the path we are going anytime soon, you’re wrong. We are committed to continue the fun. Our motivation? Take your time to read the full report below and you might get where our motivation comes from. Our good friend Lukas Tönnesmann from Münster (Germany) experienced the session first-hand and was kind enough to write down his impressions of this very last rollTogether-session.

rollTogether #18
Ever since one of the first rollTogether sessions went down in Münster (Germany) I´ve tried to make the following sessions fixed dates in my calendar. Having a steady job and other obligations I missed out on a few, but was still able to attend most of them. 
For me it was absolutely clear to go to the rollTogether #18 session since this would be one to remember. First of all the location: The Thuringia Funpark - host to the second Winterclash - offers its visitors pretty much everything they could long for rolling wise. Sure it´s pretty much located in the middle of nowhere, but maybe that´s part of the reason I didn´t hear all to many complaints about people struggling to get there - I mean each and every rollerblader planning on making it pretty much went on an odyssey this time - so the group think didn´t really allow for wining about distances. Aside from the skate park being kinda far out all remaining stars had fallen right into place for the 21st of January 2012 to be engraved in our memories as a swell date.

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My day started early - well for a Saturday it did - as I had teamed up with Eugen Enin, Jan Niehues and Adrian Röter to share both ride and gas money making it affordable for us poor schmucks to conquer the wild German east. We hit the road at about 9 in the morning, our coffee mugs in the one and - as far as Mr. Enin goes - a constant jabber on his lips. Eugen sure is blessed with indefatigable jaw muscles that allow him to humorously lecture about even the dullest things you could think of. He´s a 140 lbs one man entertainment army so note that if you ever go on a trip with him you might just as well leave your CDs or eight tracks at home. Winged by Eugen´s inspiring chants and thanks to the autobahn´s few speed limits we arrived at our destination around 12:30 - ready to tear it down in the name of bladism.

The park was already well in the hands of fellow rollerbladers and here and there the first tricks were being laced. So - right after the conventional shaking of hands and friendly hellos to long missed buddies - we strapped on our boots. I can safely say that the Thuringia Funpark is - judging from my memory of the indoor skate parks that played host to rolltogether sessions so far - my personal favourite. It´s packed with long - at least for a park that has to cater to the needs of bladers, bikers and skateboarders - ledges, curbs and rails of good heights and is rounded by a nice fly box and a few wall rides leaving not a lot to ask for. 

Within half an hour - without really taking the time to warm up - about 30 to 40 rollers had crowded around the famous long double rail box most might still know from previous rolling events in Mühlhausen. It was then that I first spotted a really tall and lanky guy on USD Sevens - later I would learn his name is Cornelius Grunt - that left pretty much everyone including myself flabbergasted with his incredibly tech and fearless skating. As far as I remember his signature moves were his way too smooth ao top acids to 270 front royal to…well, everything! Obviously Eugen Enin, Dave Mutschall, Fedor Simonov and Mark Stamer threw down big time, too, turning the opening session into a 2-3 hour shred fest!

Among all the skilled rollerbladers that day one young gun stuck out from the rest more than anyone else - Jan Niehues! Being only 17 years of age this kid´s already got it all - an endless trick vocab, clean style and the balls to go big! No matter what obstacle was put in front of him that day he didn´t seem to have any trouble executing the wildest switch-ups and solid styled out moves on it. Deservedly so he was later declared rookie of the day which sent him home packed with hardware, soft goods and pride.

Putting the pieces together - it´s obvious that the level of skating at this 18th rolltogether was of the chart. And as I´m typing this I can´t but mention the beastly performance of Remz´ Jo Zenk! Those who know him are aware of the fact that you just can´t tire this kid! Taking brutal fall after brutal fall he´d still get back up and try the nastiest tricks. He went big the entire day and gave a great show. There was really no one else that day more deserving of the Winterclash wild card!

What struck me as maybe the coolest aspect of this very RTG is the fact that a big number of Germany´s rolling veterans attended. Nickolas Belka, Moritz Klerx, Etienne Vogel and Christian Steinhof - all pretty much around and kicking it since the mid 90s - were blading alongside today´s icons like Lucas Landthaler and Daniel Prell. Well obviously Daniel is a dinosaur, too, but age and time don´t really apply to categorize him or his rolling skills. It just shows that rollerblading has remained a big part of their lives, still brings joy to them and is growing continuously in total disregard of voices trying to tell us it´s been long dead.

I want to thank all those who´ve made this rollTogether possible. Big up to Oliver Nermerich, Maik Lojewski, Roland Wander and of course the entire Grindhouse, Conference, Swank, Razors, X-Mini, Rollerblade, Gibbon Slacklines and Be-Mag staff. Thanks to all of you who made it out to Mühlhausen through the storm and snow. I hope y´all made it home safely and had a great time.

See you guys at the next RTG!
- Lukas Tönnesmann

PS: You might ask yourself why the rollTogether crew hasn’t visited your skatepark so far? Probably they don’t know about your skatepark! Drop them a line at with a pic of your skatepark!

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Text: Maik Lojewski - Video: Kai Schmitz - Photos: Lars Echterhoff
Diese rollTogether hat uns in den Tagen vorher wirklich Kopfzerbrechen bereitet. Das Wetter hat uns mehr als Sorgen gemacht und nachdem wir eine Absage von der Dresdner Skatehalle bekommen haben, da ein Skateboardcontest stattfindet, ist uns auch noch die Ausweichmöglichkeit flöten gegangen. Nichts desto trotz waren Kai und die beiden Rostocker Willy Krüger und Robert Siggi schon ein paar Tage vorher bei mir um ein wenig Skaten zu gehen, zu laut Filme zu gucken und gewisse Volksfeste zu besuchen. Als wir uns am Freitagmorgen dann auf den 630 kilometer weiten Weg gemacht haben sind wir durch Regen, Sonne, Regen und Sonne und manchmal auch Regen gefahren. Freitagabend angekommen haben wir es ruhig angehen lassen und uns bei trockenem Wetter auf den nächsten Tag gefreut. Am Park angekommen erwarteten uns bereits einige Skaten und der Feind eines jeden Skaters. REGEN!
Wir warteten jedoch ein wenig, da wir auf Besserung des Wetters hofften und während Dave Mutschall und sein Bruder ankamen geschah das fast nicht vorauszusehende: Die Sonne gab alles was sie konnte und bescherte uns 30 Grad und Sonnenschein!
Die Session konnte starten und je mehr die Sonne knallte, desto mehr Leute kamen zum Park. Daniel Prell, Timm Kittlitz, Jojo Jacobi, Phillip Preuss, Stephan Mohr und unzählige weitere strahlende Gesichter freuten sich auf die Leute und den Tag. Aufgrund des Wetters waren natürlich viel, viel weniger Leute aufgetaucht als bei anderen Session, jedoch tat dies der Stimmung und dem Skaten keinen Abbruch. Die Leute skateten was die Muskeln hergaben und neben den üblichen Muskeln schienen auch die Lachmuskeln bei allen anscheinend überstrapaziert. Es war eine einmalige Atmosphäre und der Park war angenehm gefüllt, sodass sich eigentlich niemand groß in die Quere kam.
Wir hatten eine größere Session hier und da und jeder gab sich Mühe so viel Spaß wie möglich zu haben und das spiegelte sich den ganzen Tag über wider und als dann auch noch der Eiswagen klingelte wurden die Energydrinks beiseite gestellt und alte Schulden oder Wetteinsätze in Eiskugeln gezahlt.
So ging die Session weiter, bis man die Erschöpfung der Leute spüren konnte, und dort war es dann an der Zeit nochmal richtig loszulegen. Das Rennen um den Xsjadoskate konnte beginnen. Gruppen wurden eingeteilt und die Route für das Rennen festgelegt, dann gings los.
Nach einem harten Slam von Stephan Mohr im Finale ging der skate an Jojo Jacobi, der ihn dann für ein Appel und ein Ei an einen der ausgeschiedenen Skater abtrat.
Die Sonne ging unter und jeder war vom Hunger getrieben, man traf einen Großteil der Leute bei der Pizzeria und besprach die Abendplanung. Am besten machen wir hier Schluss, denn sonst artet der Bericht ähnlich aus wie es die Party wieder einmal tat!
Wir sehen uns und das schon bald!
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Text: Luca Gobbo - Video: Kai Schmitz - Photos: Lars Echterhoff
20110129_rollTogether16Eindhoven_045When we go to a rolltogether we immediatly feel the good vibe flowing from the skaters. We showed up a bit late to the event and were excited to see the park full of bladers tearing it up. After a few hours of skating, Maik started turned the event into an "award session", so everybody was throwing down hard - to get some frames, DVDs, t-shirts and more!
The rollTogether guys came up with a new format during the event which they called the "Hidden-Trick-Session.” Maik would select a trick on the iphone grindhouse app and if you did this “secret” trick you could win something nice. Towards the beginning it took too long, so Maik started giving some hints. I really liked the good vibe behind this whole session. Skaters were being awarded for the great tricks they were doing and everybody was just feeding of off it. Maik did not call out hard tricks the entire time either; skaters could win some great stuff by just skating chill.
Towards the end of the session it was announced that Sven Boekhorst had another contest in mind. It was a race contest and the grand prize was a brand new TRS Rollerblade. So they set up a special route through the park and the first one who touched a red box near the miniramp, after speeding through the marked route, would advance to the finals. Each run consisted of 5 bladers with a total of 5 runs. The winner of each run qualified for the final race in order to compete for the grand prize. I think this race was the highlight of the day. Each skater was highly motivated and the whole skatepark motivated the contest. After several brutal slams we had a champion eventually reaching the red box and winning the brand new TRS Rollerblades. 
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At the end of the day they announced the winner of ‘the rookie of the day’ award, which went to Luca Gobbo. The winner of the Toshiba HD Camera was Robin Bosgra and the Winterclash Wildcards went to Edwin Wieringh and Kenth Uldeval. After all it was another epic rollTogether session. Thanks to Maik and his team for supporting our industry so well.

Here comes the official rollTogether promo edit. Make sure you don't forget about the rollTogether #16 event taking place on January 29th. People from all over Europe will join us for the event again.

And of course we have once again prepared a jam-packed program for you:

- Win two Winterclash Wildcards
- "hidden trick"-award
- "Rookie-of-the-day"-Award
- "Sideshow Rodeo"-Europe premiere
- Free energy drinks
- Special prizes

and of course several photographers and filmers will be there to shoot and film your best tricks!

You can also win the brand new Toshiba Camileo BW10 at the session. See what you can do with this camera here. Win your own Camileo at the rollTogether #16 session.

We are looking forward to meet you at the Area51 in Eindhoven for Europe's biggest rolling session. And as you can see above, you have the chance to win one of two Winterclash Wildcard at the rollTogether #16. For those of you that want to compete at the comp, but haven't got any tickets yet (Winterclash is sold out), this is your last chance to compete. What do you have to do to get a Wildcard? Just roll and convince us you will do good at the Clash!

Book your trip right now, you won't forget it. Our sponsors (Grindhouse, theConference, Be-Mag, Razors, Gibbon Slacklines, Ucon, Rollerblade, Swankrolling) have send us a lot of goodies for you!

See you in Eindhoven. Enjoy the trailer.

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